Theth National Park

Theth National Park

Winter Wonderland: Sports in Theth National Park, Albania

Winter in Theth National Park, Albania, offers a breathtaking stage-setting for multiple outdoor activities that attract adventure enthusiasts worldwide. Its snow-clad landscapes become a haven for backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, and freeride skiing. If you crave an escapade into the hush and quietude of unspoiled winter, perhaps engaging in feather-light snowfall, cross-country routes and thrilling skiing tours, Theth National Park in Albania is your destination.

About Theth National Park: An Overview

Located in the Albanian Alps in northern Albania, Theth National Park spans over an area of 2630 hectares. Featuring mountains, waterfalls, a large river, and many small lakes, the park sits at an elevation of approximately 850 meters above sea level. It is widely known for its rich biodiversity, encompassing a wide variety of wildlife.

Activities for Kids

Theth has an array of activities for children, including snowball fights, sledging, and even building snowmen. Adults can partake in these activities, making it a fun experience for the whole family.

Rescue Services

The safety of visitors to Theth National Park is paramount. Hence, rescue services including a well-trained professional ski patrol team and mountain rescue team are available round the clock.

Winter Season in Theth National Park

The winter season in Theth National Park sets the stage for varied snow sports, including backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, freeride skiing, cross-country skiing, and customized guided off-piste tours. The best time to visit for snow sports is between December and February when the park is fully covered with snow.


The temperatures during these months often hover between -5 to -15 degrees Celsius (23 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit), perfect for experiencing a snowy wonderland.


To ensure safety while maximizing the experience, numerous reliable and experienced guides are available for backcountry tours, cross-country trails, and off-piste excursions.

Getting There and Accommodation

The easiest way to reach Theth National Park is from the nearest airport, Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza. You can rent a car, take a bus to Shkoder followed by a taxi or mini bus to Theth.

Hotels and Restaurants

The national park area has a range of accommodation options, from luxury lodges to homestays. Restaurants serving delicious local Albanian dishes are available near the park.

Albania: A Bit about the Country

Located in the southwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula, Albania is rich in natural beauty, culture, history, and hospitality. Its currency is the Albanian Lekë (ALL). In major cities and touristic centers, credit cards are widely accepted, though cash is preferable in rural areas.

Visa Requirements

Albania has a relatively lenient visa policy. Tourists from many countries, including but not limited to the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, can enter Albania without a visa for up to 90 days.


The official language is Albanian, but English is widely spoken in cities and tourist centers. Albanians are known for their remarkable hospitality and eagerness to help visitors.

Safety and Sockets

Albania boasts a low crime rate, and is generally considered safe for tourists. The country uses Type C and F sockets, with a standard voltage of 230 V.

Theth National Park offers an unparalleled winter sporting experience. Its unique combination of thrilling winter sports such as backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, freeride skiing and heart-warming local hospitality make it an irresistible winter retreat.

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