Mount Selwyn

Mount Selwyn

Winter Adventures in Mount Selwyn, Australia

Discover Mount Selwyn

Mount Selwyn is a well-acknowledged winter sports destination in New South Wales, Australia. The mountain peaks at an elevation of 1,492 meters, offering a scenic panorama of the Snowy Mountains and Adaminaby Region. The mountain resort is particularly popular among families, providing a variety of fun-filled activities for kids. There’s a Snow World experience that caters exclusively to the little ones, offering tubing and tobogganing, making snowmen, and engaging in snowball fights.

Worried about safety? Mount Selwyn has a well-equipped team of mountain rescuers always ready for any unfortunate events. They are trained in first aid and rescue procedures, ensuring that visitors can enjoy their winter sports without any concerns.

Embrace the Winter Season

Winter sports enthusiasts yearn for the season's arrival at Mount Selwyn. The mountain's snow-covered slopes become a hotspot for backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, and freeride skiing. Teeming with thrilling descent routes that take skiers through the region's pristine snow-covered forests, Mount Selwyn backcountry skiing is an unmissable adventure. The alpine landscape lends itself to Mount Selwyn off-piste skiing, providing new challenges every day. Mount Selwyn freeride skiing offers a blend of adrenaline and breath-taking views.

Guides with an in-depth knowledge of Mount Selwyn and its pristine snow terrains are available for Mount Selwyn guided backcountry tours and Mount Selwyn guided off-piste tours. Their experience will aid even the most seasoned skiers and snowboarders in exploring lesser-known paths and skiing techniques. Among the other winter activities are Mount Selwyn cross-country skiing and Mount Selwyn snowshoeing, providing a more relaxing immersion into the frosty, serene landscape. Remember to check forecasts as the temperature can plummet to -2.9°C (26.8°F) but generally sits around 0°C (32°F) in winter months.

The Infrastructure of Mount Selwyn

Making your way to Mount Selwyn? From the nearest airport, Canberra International Airport, you can arrive at Mount Selwyn via a scenic three-hour drive. Various transport services are also available, including shuttle buses, airport transfers, and car rentals.

The mountain resort has a host of accommodation options, from cozy lodges and cabins to luxury hotels. Restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, including local Australian delicacies, dot the resort. Ski equipment can be rented from numerous outlets, or you can opt for package deals that include equipment, lessons, and tours. Mount Selwyn Splitboarding has also been gaining popularity, with rental shops offering splitboards for adventurous riders.

Visiting Australia

Though Australia is a welcoming country, visa requirements depend on your country of origin. Generally, international travelers need to apply for a visa in advance. Australia is a cashless society; cards are preferred in most places.

Australians are known for their friendliness and laid-back nature. English is the main language spoken, although you'll encounter a unique Aussie slang. The country is safe, boasting low crime rates and high-security measures.

The Australian culture is diverse, showcasing an amalgamation of various cultures over centuries. Their food culture, in particular, is a reflection of multicultural influences. Lastly, traveling to Australia? Don't forget your Type I electric adapter as Australia has different electrical outlets.


Mount Selwyn ski tours are the perfect winter getaway, offering a variety of activities like backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, freeride skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. It's not just about the sports, though. The snow-covered beauty of the region, the bustling local life, and the warm hospitality of Australia make visiting Mount Selwyn a memorable experience.

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