Selwyn Snowfields

Selwyn Snowfields

Discover Winter Wonders: Selwyn Snowfields Australia

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie yearning for a thrilling adventure or a family seeking a winter vacation, Selwyn Snowfields in Australia beckons with its pristine slopes and good-natured charm. Experience a winter holiday like no other lacing up your boots for some Selwyn Snowfields off-piste skiing, backcountry skiing, freeride skiing, or even cross-country skiing.

About Selwyn Snowfields

Sitting at an elevation of 1492 meters, Selwyn Snowfields proudly encloses the spectacular landscapes of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. It's an accessible winter paradise that offers a variety of activities to entertain all age groups, particularly kids. Activities like tubing, tobogganing, mini snowmobile riding, and snowshoeing make it an ideal location for both adults and kids.

The rescuers at the snowfields are highly trained and ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. They perform regular patrols and are equipped with the necessary skills and equipment for a safe rescue operation if required.

Winter Season in Selwyn Snowfields

The winter season unfolds a myriad of activities ranging from backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing to some adventurous freeriding. All this wrapped under experienced guides available for assistance and guided tours, making every experience worthwhile.

Generally, the best time for skiing or snowboarding is July through September when the snow conditions are at their prime. The temperature varies between -4°C (24.8°F) to 4°C (39.2°F), ensuring a festive snowfall for visitors to relish.

Infrastructure at Selwyn Snowfields

Reaching Selwyn Snowfields is not a strenuous task as it is an approximately 5 hours drive from the nearest airport, Canberra Airport. Alternatively, visitors can take a 2-hour drive from Cooma. Skiing equipment is readily available for hire, with a wide variety available to cater for all skill levels.

The region boasts a selection of accommodation options from cozy lodgings to luxury resorts. For dining, numerous restaurants serve everything from quick snacks to exquisite gourmet meals.

A Brief Guide to Australia

For international travelers, visas are generally required, with the exception for New Zealand residents. The local currency is the Australian dollar, however, credit/debit cards are widely accepted and are more popular in most urban areas.

Australians are generally warm, friendly, and laid-back. The country is deemed safe, although it is always advisable to observe general safety precautions. English is predominantly spoken but the country is multi-cultural and multi-lingual. Power outlets in Australia use a Type I plug, and the standard voltage is 230 V.


Whether it's backcountry skiing among serene landscapes, cross-country skiing alongside your friends or the adrenaline rush of freeride skiing, Selwyn Snowfields truly have something for everyone. This beautiful winter oasis offers an extensive range of guided tours, ample opportunities for snowshoeing and splitboarding, making it an ideal destination for all snow enthusiasts. The enchanting blend of magnificent views, friendly locals, and thrilling winter sports, Selwyn Snowfields awaits your arrival to kick off your ultimate winter adventure.


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