Sakha Republic

Sakha Republic

Exploring Winter Sport in Sakha Republic

Welcome to the Sakha Republic, a hidden treasure tucked away in Russia. This is where you will experience exhilarating Sakha Republic backcountry skiing, unforgettable Sakha Republic off-piste skiing, and thrilling Sakha Republic backcountry snowboarding. Here you can try out Sakha Republic freeride skiing, and enjoy leisurely Sakha Republic cross-country skiing.

About Sakha Republic


The Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia, covers a vast area of over 3 million square kilometers, with elevations varying significantly across its giant landscapes. The highest point in Sakha is Peak Pobeda, which stands tall at 3,147 meters.

Activities for Kids

For little adventurers, there are endless opportunities for fun in the snow from making snow sculptures to Sakha Republic snowshoeing. Resorts also offer safe and enjoyable snowboarding and skiing lessons for kids. Don’t forget to enjoy a family dog-sledding adventure through Sakha’s striking landscapes.

Rescue Teams

Sakha Republic takes safety very seriously. Professional rescuers are always ready and equipped to deal with emergencies. They are educated in wilderness medicine, backcountry travel and high-angle rescue, ensuring a high safety standard.

The Winter Season

Winter Activities

Winter in Sakha means Sakha Republic backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing and Sakha Republic backcountry snowboarding in fresh powdery snow. From December to February, resorts offer guided Sakha Republic ski tours, and Sakha Republic guided off-piste tours. Sakha Republic freeride skiing, and Sakha Republic cross-country skiing are also available for enthusiasts.


Winter temperatures in Sakha can drop as low as -67 Fahrenheit (-55 Celsius) and the snow quality is consistently good, creating great conditions for winter sports.

Infrastructure in Sakha Republic

Nearest Airport

The nearest airport to the Sakha Republic is Yakutsk Airport. From the airport, it is easy to reach the region by bus or car, with car rental services available at the airport.

Hotels and Restaurants

Sakha’s hospitality sector offers a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget guesthouses. The region is well-known for its cuisine, with restaurants serving local dishes such as stroganina, a type of raw frozen fish.

Ski Equipment Rental

For tourists seeking Sakha Republic splitboarding adventures, or trying their hand at cross-country skiing, equipment rental is readily available at various snow resorts and sports shops.

Traveling to Russia

Visa Requirements

Most international visitors to Russia need a visa. However, the requirements vary from country to country, so it is advised to check with the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country.

Currency and Payments

The currency of Russia is the Russian Ruble. Credit cards are widely accepted, however, it is useful to have some cash on hand, especially for small businesses or remote areas.

Culture and Security

Russia is a culturally rich country, and Yakutia in particular is known for the friendly and hospitable nature of its residents. While Russia is generally a safe country to visit, like any other destination, it’s prudent to stay alert and stay informed about the local laws and customs.

Language and Sockets

Russian is the national language, though English is commonly spoken in major cities and tourist sites. As for electricity, Russia uses type C and F sockets, with the standard voltage being 220 V.


In conclusion, the Sakha Republic is a winter sports paradise. Tempted to try Sakha Republic backcountry skiing, enjoy a Sakha Republic guided backcountry tour, or perhaps embark on a Sakha Republic splitboarding journey? With its picturesque landscapes, hospitable residents, and a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from, a trip to the Sakha Republic is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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