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Thrilling Winter Sports in Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Overview of Kozara

Kozara, a mountainous region in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a popular destination for winter sports aficionados. For children, the area offers various winter activities such as snowshoeing and guided backcountry tours. The elevation of the region, coupled with the facilities available for rescue scenarios, makes Kozara a reassuringly safe option for winter activities.

Winter Season and Sports in Kozara

Winter in Kozara comes with a flurry of sports activities such as backcountry skiing, cross-country and freeride skiing, and snowboarding. There is always a guide available to help you traverse these adventurous excursions. The best time to indulge in skiing and snowboard is from late December to early February, with temperature ranging from -1°C to -10°C (30.2°F to 14°F), providing plenty of snowfall for an exciting winter escapade.

Infrastructure in Kozara

Reaching Kozara from the nearest airport is a breeze, with numerous transportation options available. The region boasts several hotels and restaurants that are well-equipped to cater to the needs of winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to accommodation, Kozara offers rental services for various skiing equipment that can be availed by visitors.

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