Los Penitentes

Los Penitentes

Elevating Your Winter Experiences in Los Penitentes, Argentina

Welcome to Los Penitentes, a magical ski resort nestled in the breathtaking peaks of Argentina. Known for its world-class backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, and freeride skiing, this place is a winter sports enthusiast's paradise. This article provides an insight into everything Los Penitentes has to offer, from its awe-inspiring elevation to the numerous guided tours available.

About Los Penitentes

Situated at an altitude of 8,530 ft., Los Penitentes is a popular winter sports destination in Argentina. This resort is particularly famous for its Los Penitentes backcountry skiing and Los Penitentes off-piste skiing, which offer an exhilarating experience to adventure-seekers around the globe.

Activities for Kids

Los Penitentes is incredibly family-friendly, offering a multitude of activities that are perfect for kids. From snowman building and sledging to family-centric Los Penitentes ski tours, the resort ensures a fun and fulfilling winter vacation for all ages.

Rescue Services

The ski resort prides itself on providing top-notch rescue services. Equipped with a team of professional rescuers, Los Penitentes ensures the safety and security of all its visitors.

Winter Season in Los Penitentes

The winter season in Los Penitentes typically runs from June to October, making it an ideal getaway for winter sports during the northern hemisphere's summer. The average temperature during this time lies between -2°C (28°F) and 8°C (46°F).

Infrastructure in Los Penitentes

Los Penitentes sports excellent infrastructure supporting every need of a winter sports enthusiast. Whether it is reaching the resort from the nearest airport, finding a high-quality rental for ski equipment, or choosing from a range of boutique hotels and restaurants, Los Penitentes leaves no stone unturned.

Visiting Argentina

Argentina is a captivating country offering a vibrant culture, friendly locals, and a high level of security. The official language is Spanish, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas. The country uses a Type I power socket, so plan accordingly.

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements for Argentina vary by country. It is advisable to check with the Argentine consulate beforehand. For instance, citizens of the USA, Canada, and the EU are provided visa-free entry for up to 90 days.

Currency Information

The official currency in Argentina is the Argentine Peso (ARS). While credit and debit cards are widely accepted, having some cash on hand for smaller establishments is advisable.


In conclusion, Los Penitentes, with its exhilarating backcountry snowboarding, exciting freeride skiing, and unforgettable cross-country skiing, offers a winter sports adventure like no other. Whether you are an experienced winter sports enthusiast or a beginner, the guided tours at Los Penitentes will ensure you have a memorable experience. So get ready to elevate your winter experiences at Los Penitentes - an unforgettable ski resort in Argentina!

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