Primorsky Krai

Primorsky Krai

Adventurous Winter Sport in Primorsky Krai


Lying in the far eastern part of Russia, Primorsky Krai is a magical winter wonderland that offers the flexible versatility of various winter sports. Renowned for its broad range of exciting winter activities such as backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and more, it should be your next winter vacation destination.

Getting to Know Primorsky Krai

Elevation & Geography

Nestled in the arms of mountains that rise to elevations of up to 1854 meters, Primorsky Krai offers an exciting array of winter sports opportunities. It's several beautiful ski resorts make it an attractive destination for snow sports enthusiasts.

Child-Friendly Activities

Kids aren’t left out of the fun in Primorsky Krai, with child-friendly facilities, sled runs and ski schools designed specifically to entertain younger visitors and spark their interest in winter sports.

Rescue Services

Activities in Primorsky Krai are not only fun and exciting, but safety is also prioritized. Professional rescue services are available to ensure the safety and security of visitors engaging in winter sports.

The Winter Season in Primorsky Krai

Backcountry and Freeride Skiing

In Primorsky Krai, guided backcountry tours are available during the winter season, which begins in November and lasts until early April, the best time for ski and snowboard. The region is a paradise for backcountry skiing and freeride skiing with a wide selection of terrains to suit your preferences.


Temperature in Primorsky Krai during the winter season ranges from -12°C (10°F) to 0°C (32°F), perfect for hitting the slopes and engaging in all the winter sports activities.

Infrastructure in Primorsky Krai


The closest international airport is Vladivostok International Airport, with numerous international and domestic flights. From there, travelers can take a direct train or bus service to the main areas of Primorsky Krai.

Hotels and Restaurants

Accommodation wise, Primorsky Krai offers a range of options from budget-friendly lodges to luxurious high-end hotels. The region's gastronomical delights can be sampled in various local restaurants.

Rental of Ski Equipment

Skiing equipment, snowboards, skis, sleds, and other winter sports gear can be rented from various establishments conveniently located throughout Primorsky Krai.

Essential Information about Russia

Visa Requirements and Currency

Visa requirements for Russia vary depending on the visitor's country of residence. The local currency in Russia is the Ruble, and both credit card payments and cash transactions are commonplace.

Culture and Language

The Russian people are known for their hearty hospitality. While the local language is Russian, English is commonly spoken in major cities and tourist areas. The country uses type C and F sockets, similar to most European countries.


Whether you are interested in Primorsky Krai ski tours, splitboarding, or the exhilirating freedom of guided off-piste tours, Primorsky Krai has it all. Adventure, safety, and a rich cultural tapestry await you in this winter paradise. Make your next winter vacation an unforgettable one in Primorsky Krai, Russia!

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