Mount Aramazd

Mount Aramazd

Winter Sports Wonders at Mount Aramazd

Amidst Armenia's diverse and stunning landscape stands the majestic Mount Aramazd, offering picturesque views and unforgettable winter sports experiences. Whether you are an adventurous off-piste skiing enthusiast, a cross-country skiing aficionado, or a daring freerider, this mountain can fulfill all your winter sports yearnings.

About Mount Aramazd

Mount Aramazd, located in the south of Armenia, stands tall with an elevation that exceeds 13,000 feet. The mountain is ideal for families looking to ski, snowboard, or simply indulge in the beauty of snow-covered slopes. For the younger visitors, there's plenty to do from building snowmen, taking beginner's skiing lessons, to enjoying fun toboggan rides. Renowned for its excellent rescue teams, Mount Aramazd ensures utmost safety and immediate assistance to visitors facing any difficulties.

The Winter Season

The cold temperatures bring a beautiful coating of snow to Mount Aramazd, turning it into a winter sports haven. In Fahrenheit, it ranges between 14°F during December to about 24°F in March, while in Celsius, it's between -10°C to -4°C. This weather makes it an optimal location for Mount Aramazd Backcountry Skiing, Mount Aramazd Freeride Skiing, and Mount Aramazd Cross-Country Skiing.

Peak snowfall typically occurs in January and February, making it the best time for avid skiers and snowboarders. In this period, Mount Aramazd Off-Piste Skiing and Mount Aramazd Backcountry Snowboarding become a dream come true for winter sports enthusiasts. Mount Aramazd also hosts a good number of experienced guides for its Guided Backcountry Tours, Off-Piste Tours, and Ski Tours.

Infrastructure in Mount Aramazd

You can easily reach Mount Aramazd by bus or taxi from the nearest airport - Zvartnots International Airport. The area boasts a plethora of cozy hotels, perfect for warming up after a day in the snow. Make sure to try some of the local cuisine in the nearby restaurants. For those who aren’t bringing their equipment, there are numerous ski rental shops available.

About Armenia

Armenia, home to Mount Aramazd, is known for its rich culture, warm hospitality, and secure environment. Tourist visas are not required for up to 180 days for countries like the US, UK, EU, and more. The official language is Armenian, but English is reasonably understood, particularly in larger towns and by younger individuals.

The official currency of Armenia is Dram (AMD). Both cash and cards are commonly used, with ATMs and card payment facilities widely available. Armenia uses type C and F sockets, so if these are not your type, it's advised to bring an adapter.


In all, Mount Aramazd serves as an extraordinary destination for Backcountry Skiing, Off-Piste Skiing, Guided Tours, Splitboarding, and Snowshoeing. Combining its natural beauty, remarkable amenities, and the charm of Armenian culture, your journey to this mountainous wonderland is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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