Cerro Otto

Cerro Otto

Winter Sport at Cerro Otto, Argentina

Argentina's Cerro Otto is a real winter wonderland, home to backcountry skiing, freeride powder, guided tours and more. Let's delve into everything this unforgettable destination has to offer - from the snowy landscapes to the friendly culture.

Details About Cerro Otto

Standing at an elevation of 1,405 meters, Cerro Otto opens the door to a wide variety of winter sports activities, perfect for those with an appetite for adventure. For those traveling with children, there are plenty of winter pastimes for kids such as snowshoeing and guided ski tours. With the ever-watchful ski rescuers always at hand, safety is a top priority on the slopes.

Enjoying the Winter Season

During the winter months, Cerro Otto transforms into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Backcountry skiing, cross-country, and freeride in the region are a must-try for all. Our certified guides are available to provide the training and guidance needed to ensure a safe skiing experience. The best time for skiing and snowboarding is from June to October with temperatures ranging between 32°F to 59°F (0°C to 15°C).

Infrastructure in Cerro Otto

Reaching Cerro Otto from the nearest airport, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery is surprisingly easy. Once you land, you can use one of the regular coach services or hire a private taxi. The region also boasts various excellent hotels and restaurants to cater to all your needs. Not to mention, renting ski equipment is a breeze with numerous rental shops throughout the vicinity.

Travelling to Argentina

Tourists hailing from most American and European countries do not require a visa for short stays. As for currency, Argentina uses the Argentine Peso (ARS), with both cash and card transactions being widely accepted. People in Argentina are renowned for their warmth and friendly nature, making your stay pleasant and enjoyable. As for language, although Spanish is the official language of Argentina, English is widely spoken in tourist areas and major cities.

Local Culture and Security

Argentina is an utterly enchanting country known for its rich culture, tango, mouth-watering cuisine, world-class wines, and the captivating street art of Buenos Aires. Safety isn't generally a concern especially in tourist areas and ski resorts like Cerro Otto. With security measures in place, you are guaranteed an unforgettable skiing experience.

Electrical Sockets

Like most South American countries, Argentina uses Type I outlets with a nominal voltage of 220 V and frequency of 50 Hz. Therefore, if your device uses a different plug type, make sure to pack an adapter.


Cerro Otto offers an unforgettable winter sports experience with its vast array of activities catering to all skill levels. From backcountry skiing to cross-country and freeride skiing, alongside engaging ski tours and snowshoeing adventures, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy luxurious stay, delicious cuisine, and the warmth of friendly Argentinian culture as part of your visit. This enchanting resort perfectly blends adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion- a true Argentinian gem. Get ready to carve some powder!

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