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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a backcountry guide?

A backcountry guide is a professional who leads individuals or groups on off-trail adventures in remote and unpatrolled areas of the mountains, providing safety and expertise in navigating the wilderness.

What is an off-piste guide?

An off-piste guide specializes in leading skiers or snowboarders away from marked slopes and into ungroomed, natural terrain. They help enthusiasts explore the untamed areas of the mountain.

What is a freeride guide?

A freeride guide is an expert in guiding skiers or snowboarders down challenging and unmarked terrain, typically in search of fresh powder snow. They focus on the thrill of off-piste adventures.

What is a cross-country guide?

A cross-country guide leads individuals or groups on Nordic skiing excursions, which involve traversing flat or rolling terrain using specialized equipment. These guides are skilled in various cross-country skiing techniques.

What are guided backcountry tours?

Guided backcountry tours are organized trips led by experienced guides. Participants explore remote, unpatrolled areas while receiving instruction on safe backcountry travel and avalanche awareness.

What are guided off-piste tours?

Guided off-piste tours are adventures led by professionals who take skiers or snowboarders off the groomed slopes and into challenging, ungroomed terrain. It's an opportunity to experience more challenging skiing.

What are guided freeride tours?

Guided freeride tours are thrilling experiences where enthusiasts are led by experts to explore off-piste terrain and find the best powder snow for skiing or snowboarding. Safety is a top priority.

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