Alto Campoo

Alto Campoo

Winter Sports Extravaganza: Alto Campoo, Argentina

About Alto Campoo

Located in the Andes' snowy peaks, the breathtaking Alto Campoo is a winter paradise awaiting discovery. The region reaches elevations of 2,125 meters, offering impressive panoramic views of an untouched snowy landscape. For families, Alto Campoo becomes a winter wonderland offering snowy escapades for kids. Sledging, snowman building, and simple snowball fun make Alto Campoo a delightful winter playground.

More serious visitors need not worry; the locale is well-equipped for emergencies. Alto Campoo has a team of well-trained rescuers, prepared to handle both medical and avalanche-related emergencies.

Winter Season at Alto Campoo

Winter in Alto Campoo brings a multitude of adrenaline-pumping activities - from Alto Campoo Backcountry Skiing, Alto Campoo Off-Piste Skiing to the thrilling Alto Campoo Freeride Skiing.

For beginners or those unfamiliar with the terrain, Alto Campoo Guided Backcountry Tours and Alto Campoo Guided Off-Piste Tours are available. These tours not only ensure safety but are an incredible way to discover the region's hidden corners.

The region's best snowfall is from June to October, making it the perfect time for Alto Campoo Cross-Country Skiing and Alto Campoo Cross-Country Snowboarding. Temperatures average -5 °C (23 °F), guaranteeing a beautiful snowy landscape.

Infrastructure in Alto Campoo

Reaching Alto Campoo is simple. The nearest airport is the Palonegro International Airport. From there, a picturesque three-hour drive will take you to the snowy paradise.

Alto Campoo, although relatively remote, bears no shortage of comfort. Quintessential wooden lodges, international restaurants, and up-to-date ski equipment rentals ensure a cozy and comfortable stay.

Visiting Argentina

Argentina's beautiful culture and warm people make every visit worthwhile. However, it's important to check visa requirements depending on your country of origin. Additionally, Argentina's currency is the Argentine peso, with credit and debit cards widely accepted across the country.

Argentina’s official language is Spanish, but English is somewhat prevalent, especially in tourist areas. Argentina uses Type I plugs and sockets, similar to those in China and Australia.


If you're a winter sports enthusiast, Alto Campoo offers an exciting range of activities. Here, you can experience everything from Alto Campoo Snowshoeing, and Alto Campoo Guided Freeride Tours, to the impressive Alto Campoo Splitboarding. Come and experience the thrill of winter sports at Alto Campoo, Argentina.

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