Winter Sport Extravaganza in Mayrhofen

Lying in the heart of Austria is the winter wonderland of Mayrhofen; a hidden jewel for backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, freeride skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. This guide encapsulates all the vital info from visa requirements to guided tours for your adventure to Mayrhofen.

About Mayrhofen

Perched at an elevation of 630m, Mayrhofen is nestled in the Zillertal valley. Its impressively diverse terrain caters to a myriad of winter sports, making it the go-to place for thrilling Mayrhofen backcountry skiing and electrifying Mayrhofen freeride skiing experiences.

Family Activities

Mayrhofen is a gem for kids with its plethora of activities from fun sledding trips, thrilling ski school lessons, to leisurely snowshoeing outings. There even are special rescue simulations that educate children on the essential safety measures in the snowy wild.

Winter Rescues

In Mayrhofen, safety is paramount. The rescue teams are always ready at a moment's notice to aid any situation. With well-equipped snowmobiles and helicopters, the rescue services ensure a secure and unforgettable winter sports experience.

Winter Season in Mayrhofen

The best time for embarking on your Mayrhofen ski tours or engaging in Mayrhofen off-piste skiing starts from early December through late April. With temperatures varying from 30°F (-1°C) to 44°F (7°C), the region presents idyllic conditions for winter sports.

Guides and Tours

Vast and diverse, Mayrhofen's terrains become all the more enjoyable with expert guidance. The local experts offer Mayrhofen guided backcountry tours and Mayrhofen guided off-piste tours to assist adventurers of all levels, ensuring an exhilarating yet safe experience.

Infrastructure in Mayrhofen

Getting there is relatively straightforward via a short shuttle ride from the nearest airports, Innsbruck or Munich. Once there, you can choose from a range of cozy chalets to luxurious hotels and a diverse selection of restaurants. Ski equipment rental services are also conveniently available.

About Austria

Travel and Visa

Austria, part of the Schengen area, generally requires a visa for non-EU visitors, although some countries are exempted. It's best to check the latest information from the Austrian embassy in your home country before your visit.

Currency, Payments, and Safety

The country's currency is the Euro, and cards are widely accepted in all major cities, although carrying some cash might be handy in remote areas. Austria is quite safe and friendly towards tourists, with people respecting personal space and public safety.

Language, Sockets, and Culture

While the country's official language is German, English is commonly understood in many places - particularly tourist areas. Power sockets are type F. Austria is graced with a rich cultural history, blockbusting music festivals, and a cuisine that will tantalize every palate.


Brace yourself for the chilling winds, exhilarating slopes and heart-warming hospitality that await at Mayrhofen. With this guide, you're ready to indulge in thrilling sports like Mayrhofen cross-country skiing or relaxing activities like Mayrhofen snowshoeing against the magical Austrian backdrop. The excitement of Mayrhofen splitboarding or a challenging Mayrhofen backcountry snowboarding expedition awaits you. Go ahead and bask in an awe-inspiring winter sport extravaganza!

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