Unleashing Adventure: Winter Sport in Antillanca, Argentina

About Antillanca

Antillanca is a wonderland enveloped by the Andean mountains with a compelling attraction for winter sports enthusiasts. The magic of this lovely location lies in its topographical diversity, having an elevation of 1,000 to 1,500 meters above sea level. This area is not only about adult fun, as it presents a variety of activities to keep children engaged such as sledding or training in a specialized ski school. Safety in Antillanca is upheld through a dedicated team of rescuers who are always prepared to ensure that every visitor shares an entirely safe experience.

Winter Season in Antillanca

Winter in Antillanca Argentina is simply magical; blanketed in snow, it presents the perfect backdrop for a variety of winter sports like backcountry skiing, cross-country and free-ride skiing. Antillanca is indeed a hub for the adventurous heart, offering guided off-piste skiing, guided backcountry tours, guided freeride tours, and snowshoeing. The best time for skiing and snowboarding is from July to September, and temperatures ranging from 20°F to 60°F (-6°C to 15°C).

Infrastructure in Antillanca

Beginning the adventure to Antillanca commences with a two hour drive from Osorno, the nearest airport. In terms of accommodation, Antillanca offers winter sports fans cozy hotels and resorts to rest after a day full of emotions. Not only housing, but it also provides a wide array of gastronomic choices in its multiple restaurants. The element that completes the overall convenience is the availability of ski equipment rentals.

About Argentina

The beauty of Argentina is paralleled by the warm culture and the welcoming heart of the Argentine people. Language doesn't pose a barrier as a significant population speaks English apart from the native Spanish language. Traveling through Argentina is relatively safe, but it's always advisable to exercise regular precautions.

In regards to transactions, both cards and cash are popular with the Argentine Peso being the country's currency. It’s advisable to always have cash on hand, especially for small trades. The power plugs and sockets used in Argentina are type C and I.

Visa requirements vary among different countries. Some are exempted while others need to apply for a visa prior to their visit.


Winter sport in Antillanca, Argentina presents a promising blend of thrill and relaxation. It's the place where you can immerse yourself in backcountry snowboarding, off-piste skiing, splitboarding, and more. Facing the beautiful Andes, your adventurous spirit knows no boundaries in Antillanca. Winter enthusiasts worldwide should definitely consider this destination for its exceptional offerings and the charm of Argentina as a country.

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