Mount Khibiny

Mount Khibiny

Winter Wonderland: Mount Khibiny

Introduction to Mount Khibiny

Welcome to Mount Khibiny, the ultimate destination for winter sports enthusiasts. From backcountry skiing to freeride skiing, cross-country skiing to snowshoeing, the area offers a range of exciting activities to satiate your thirst for adventure.

The Majestic Mount Khibiny

Mount Khibiny, located above the Arctic Circle in Russia, is the highest range in the Kola Peninsula, with an elevation of 1200 meters. The place is not just for adults; kids can also have their share of fun here with specially designed snow parks, kid-friendly slopes, and children's ski schools. The region is also renowned for its professional rescuers. Trained in mountain rescues, they ensure the safety and security of all visitors.

Winter Season at Mount Khibiny

The winter season in Mount Khibiny is indeed a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. The region offers diverse activities including Mount Khibiny off-piste skiing, Mount Khibiny backcountry snowboarding, and Mount Khibiny freeride skiing. The availability of experienced Mount Khibiny ski tours guides ensures a safe and thrilling winter sport experience. The best months for skiing and snowboarding are from November to May, when the region is cloaked in ample snow, with temperatures ranging between 14°F and −4°F (−10 to −20°C).

The Infrastructure in Mount Khibiny

Reaching Mount Khibiny from the nearest airport, Murmansk, is easy; there are regular bus and train services. The region boasts good infrastructure with several hotels and restaurants catering to various budgets. Ski equipment rentals are also available.

Mount Khibiny: A Glimpse into Russia

Visiting Russia may require a visa depending on your country of origin. However, visa-free travel for up to 72 hours is possible when entering Russia through the port of Murmansk by ferry. The country’s currency is the Ruble (RUB), and credit cards are widely accepted, though it's advisable to carry some cash.

Russia is famous for its rich culture and its friendly people. Security in the country, especially in tourist areas such as Mount Khibiny, is generally good. However, it's recommended to follow standard safety practices.

While Russian is the official language, English is understood in many places, especially in major cities and tourist spots. Electrical socket used in the country is type F, same as in Europe, and the standard voltage is 220 V. So, you may need an adapter depending by your devices' specifications.


Whether you are a lover of Mount Khibiny guided backcountry tours or a fan of Mount Khibiny splitboarding, Mount Khibiny will not disappoint. Its natural beauty combined with outstanding facilities provide an unforgettable winter sports experience.

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