Mount Spitakasar

Mount Spitakasar

Winter Wonderland at Mount Spitakasar, Armenia

The Majestic Mount Spitakasar

Located in the Lori Province of Armenia, Mount Spitakasar is an imposing elevation reaching as high as 3555 meters. The mountain range offers a spectacular splendor of snow-capped peaks, echoing the call of adventure for nature lovers and thrill-seekers. The landscape is a mesmerizing narrow tapestry of alpine beauty, beckoning all to explore its mysteries.

For families visiting, children can engage in snowball fights and snowman building, besides participating in skiing lessons available for all competency levels. A dedicated team of rescuers is always at hand to render emergency services, ensuring the safety of every visitor.

Embracing the Winter Season

The winter season at Mount Spitakasar unfolds a haven for activities like backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, freeride skiing and cross-country skiing. Expert guides are available to assist beginners and to accompany seasoned skiers on more challenging slopes.

The best time for skiing and snowboarding ranges from December to March, when temperatures dip from -7 to -10 degrees Celsius (19 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit). The freeride skiing experience here is complemented by a curtain of white powdered snow, creating a paradise for Mount Spitakasar Armenia guided freeride tours.

How to Reach and Where to Stay

To reach Mount Spitakasar, one can get a flight to Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport or Shirak Airport. From there, several taxis, shuttles, and bus services run directly to/from the ski slopes throughout the day. There is a wide range of hotels and guesthouses available catering to all budgets.

For dining, indulge in local Armenian cuisine or choose from several international food chain appearances. Rental services for ski equipment are readily available at the mountain base.

Exploring Armenia

Visitors are required to check visa requirements specific to their home countries before traveling to Armenia. The local currency is the Armenian dram, with credit cards widely accepted in major cities and at tourist spots.

Armenia is a treasure trove of culture and history with its churches, museums, music, dance, and art. The people are warm, hospitable, and extremely friendly, making you feel welcomed. The country is generally safe with low crime rates.

The local language here is Armenian. However, English is understood and spoken in tourist areas and by the younger generation. The country uses Type C and Type F power sockets. So, you might need to carry a universal adapter.

The Call of Mount Spitakasar

Come and experience the thrill of Mount Spitakasar Armenia guided backcountry tours, off-piste skiing, and backcountry snowboarding. Enjoy the chill of cross-country skiing or test your skills with Mount Spitakasar Armenia splitboarding. The magic of Mount Spitakasar's winter wonderland will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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