Winter Sport Paradise: Uplifting Adventure in Jermuk Armenia

About Jermuk

Located in Armenia, Jermuk is a beloved winter sports destination with something for everyone. The town sits at an elevation of 2,080 meters and is famous for its virgin snowfields and untouched terrains. Winters here are harsh, yet magical, with snowfall commencing around late November and lasting until late March. The temperature ranges from a comfortable 25°F (-4°C) to a chilly -4°F (-20°C), perfect conditions for backcountry skiing, freeride skiing, and snowboarding.

Jermuk Winter Activities for Kids

Jermuk instills enthusiasm in children through its facilities and winter activities. With designated (guided) ski and snowboarding areas, children can enjoy the thrill of winter sports in safe environments. Also, they can engage in friendly snowball fights, build snowmen, or try ice skating.

Rescuers and Safety Measures

Jermuk elicits safety for its visitors as high priority. Equipped with well-trained rescuers and guides, visitors can securely explore off-piste skiing and backcountry snowboarding. Regular patrol checks, avalanche safety sessions and the availability of medical support ensure visitors enjoy their winter adventure without worry.

Infrastructure in Jermuk


Jermuk is accessible via vehicles from Yerevan's Zvartnots International Airport, about a 175km drive. Public transport, cabs, and personal vehicles can easily traverse the hilly roads leading to Jermuk.

Accommodations and Dining

With a vast choice of hotels and restaurants, Jermuk caters to various budgets. From luxurious resorts to pocket-friendly accommodations, Jermuk offers a memorable stay for all. Moreover, restaurants and cafes serve a diverse cuisine palette, from local Armenian dishes to international favorites.

Ski and Snowboarding Equipment Rental

Jermuk ensures hassle-free ski tours and freeride tours with equipment rental services offering affordable rental packages for ski and snowboarding gear.

Touring Armenia

About Armenia

Armenia, a visa-free country for 90+ countries, provides an amicable and secure environment for its guests. The country predominantly uses the Armenian Dram, with both cash and cards commonly used. English is generally understood and may not pose much of a language barrier.

The Armenian People and Culture

The Armenian people are renowned for their warm hospitality. Visitors can look forward to enjoying traditional Armenian music and dance, visiting age-old monasteries, or exploring the bustling markets.

Plug Sockets in Armenia

For travelers, Armenia uses types C and F plug sockets. It is recommended for visitors to bring an appropriate adapter for their electrical appliances.


Whether you prefer backcountry skiing, off-piste skiing, or freeride skiing, Jermuk is a winter sport haven in the heart of Armenia. With its welcoming nature, safety-focused setup, and excellent facilities, Jermuk guarantees a delightful winter adventure.

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