Enjoy Winter in Obertauern

Welcome to the picturesque resort town of Obertauern, known as Austria's snow treasure chest. In this article, you will learn all the necessary information for a complete and exciting adventure from the Obertauern backcountry skiing to the unique Austrian culture.

About Obertauern

Obertauern is a charming skiing village in the Salzburg region of Austria. Sitting at an elevation of 1,630 to 2,526 meters (5,348 to 8,287 ft), Obertauern offers one of the most reliable snow conditions in Europe. The extensive snowfall creates a perfect playground for Obertauern off-piste skiing and Obertauern backcountry snowboarding.

Fun for Kids

For families with children, Obertauern offers numerous activities. From ski schools, winter hiking, tobogganing to exciting indoor play areas, there is something for all ages. The 'Bibo Bear Family Ski Park' and 'Bobby’s snow adventure' are the highlights for the little ones.

Winter Rescue Services

In case of any emergencies, Obertauern ensures the safety of its guests with professional mountain rescue teams. They are swift, efficient, and have vast knowledge of the local landscape.

The Winter Season in Obertauern

The winter season in Obertauern is famous for a variety of winter sports. Apart from traditional skiing, it offers a range of adventurous sports like Obertauern freeride skiing, cross-country skiing, and guided tours like Obertauern guided backcountry tours.

Guide Availability and Best Time for Ski and Snowboarding

The ski season typically starts from late November and lasts till early May making it one of the longest in Europe. Local ski guides are available for both group and private sessions. Guided tours like Obertauern guided off-piste tours and Obertauern guided freeride tours are often booked up quickly, so consider booking in advance.


The temperature during the ski season averages from -1°C to -7°C (30°F to 19°F), guaranteeing perfect snow conditions for skiers and snowboarders.

Infrastructure in Obertauern

Obertauern offers world-class facilities to complement its fantastic skiing locales.

Traveling to Obertauern

The nearest airport to Obertauern is Salzburg Airport, roughly 90 km away. Regular shuttle services, taxis, and car rental services are available for visitors to reach Obertauern.


Different accommodations from luxury hotels to cozy holiday apartments are ready to serve their guests with Austrian warmth and hospitality.

Ski Equipment Rental

Ski rental shops in Obertauern are well equipped with gear for downhill skiing, Obertauern ski tours, and Obertauern splitboarding.

About Austria

Visa and Currency

Depending on their country of residence, visitors might need a Schengen visa to enter Austria. The official currency is Euro, and both cash and cards are widely accepted.

Austrian Culture and People

Austrians are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Security in the country is excellent, making it a secure destination for tourists.


While German is the official language, English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

Power Sockets

The power sockets are of type F (Schuko). The standard voltage is 230V, and the frequency is 50hz.


Whether you're a fan of Obertauern cross-country skiing or seeking the thrill of Obertauern backcountry skiing, or simply want to soak in the Austrian culture, Obertauern invites everyone for an unforgettable winter experience. Pack your snow gear and set off for an adventure in the snow paradise of Austria, Obertauern.

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