Cerro Castor

Cerro Castor

Cerro Castor: A Winter Wonderland in Argentina

Located at the southern-most tip of Argentina, Cerro Castor is one of the most enchanting winter sports destinations in the world. Nestled in the Patagonian region, it is an extraordinary locale with unique attributes such as its stunning landscape, the awesome height of the peaks, abundant snowfall and the longest ski season. Boasting of a terrain that suits all kinds of winter sports enthusiasts, it offers a range of activities including backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, freeride skiing, snowboarding and many more.

The Unique Charm of Cerro Castor

Stepping into Cerro Castor is to experience nature’s grandeur at a massive height. The ski resort is situated at a towering elevation of about 1,057 meters (3467 feet). Even the base elevation is impressive at about 195 meters (640 feet). It offers 30 slopes of varying difficulty for all skill levels, presenting a formidable playground for both the adventurous and the casual.

Thrills for Kids

Cerro Castor is not just for adults; kids too have an exhilarating experience here. They could take part in snowboarding activities and skiing. There are skiing lessons available for children, ensuring they learn the ropes under professional supervision. Kids can also enjoy sled rides and build snowmen.

Rescue and Security

To ensure the safety of visitors, the resort provides rescue services. Staff is always on hand to help visitors in case of emergencies, equipped with the necessary training to handle all types of situations that may arise on the slopes.

Winter Sports at Cerro Castor

Backcountry skiing at Cerro Castor is a thrilling experience as you navigate through untouched terrain amidst pristine settings. Off-piste skiing is an exciting option for advanced skiers looking for fresh powder and challenging terrains.

Freeride skiing and snowboarding are other popular winter sports activities at Cerro Castor, with dedicated slopes and trails that promise a rush of adrenaline. Sports enthusiasts seeking a break from skiing can take on the cross-country ski trails that wind through breathtaking landscapes.

Guides and Tours

If you're unfamiliar with the slopes, fret not. There are plenty of options for guided tours to help you get acquainted with the area. Cerro Castor guided backcountry tours, guided off-piste tours and guided freeride tours are available.

Skiing Seasons

The best time for skiing and snowboarding at Cerro Castor is during the winter season, typically from June to October. The average winter temperature ranges from 30.2°F to 42.8°F or -1°C to 6 °C, ensuring quality snow conditions.

Reaching Cerro Castor

The nearest airport to Cerro Castor is Ushuaia Malvinas Argentinas International Airport. From there, you can hire a taxi, or take the shuttle bus service to reach the resort. Car rentals are also widely available.

Accommodation and Dining

Cerro Castor offers a variety of accommodation options including ski-in/ski-out hotels, inns and private condos. As for dining, there are numerous restaurants, bars and cafes offering local and international gastronomical delights.

Ski Equipment Rental

Visitors can rent skiing equipment from various local vendors at the resort. You can also avail services for ski and snowboard repair and maintenance at these places.

Traveling to Argentina

Foreign nationals planning to visit Cerro Castor need to check Argentina's visa requirements. It is advisable to carry both card and cash as both are widely accepted in Argentina. The official language in Argentina is Spanish, although English is understood in many tourist areas. For electrical devices, the country uses type I plug sockets and the standard voltage is 220 V.

Argentina, being a melting pot of varied cultures, exudes warm hospitality welcoming visitors with open arms. The locals are extraordinarily friendly and the country is generally considered safe for foreign tourists.


If you are on the lookout for an unparalleled winter sports experience, Cerro Castor with its breathtaking landscape, snow-clad peaks and a plethora of snow sports activities, is the answer. Its diverse range of opportunities for backcountry skiing, freeride skiing, off-piste skiing and guided ski tours make it an incredible destination for winter sports aficionados worldwide.

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