Arkhangelsk Oblast

Arkhangelsk Oblast

Winter Sports in Arkhangelsk Oblast

Arkhangelsk Oblast, located in Northwestern Russia, offers a generous assortment of winter sports activities for enthusiasts. These range from Arkhangelsk Oblast backcountry skiing to Arkhangelsk Oblast cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and numerous other adrenaline-fueled adventures.

About Arkhangelsk Oblast

Arkhangelsk Oblast is a region in Russia that covers vast and varied landscapes. The elevation ranges from sea level at the White Sea to approximately 296 meters at its highest point. It's quite a delight for children as well, with various kid-friendly activities such as sledging, ice skating, snowshoeing, and visiting winter festivals.

Rescuer services are available around the clock to ensure the safety of all visitors engaging in sporting activities. These highly trained professionals are equipped to handle emergencies and provide medical aid when required.

The Winter Season in Arkhangelsk Oblast

The winter season here graces the region with scenic beauty and provides ideal conditions for winter sports lovers. Arkhangelsk Oblast freeride skiing, off-piste skiing, backcountry snowboarding, and cross-country snowboarding are some of the exciting activities that one can engage in.

Guides are readily available for guided ski tours and guided backcountry tours. The best time for skiing and snowboarding is from November to April. During these months, temperatures can drop as low as -20°C (-4°F), making it a winter wonderland.

Infrastructure in Arkhangelsk Oblast

Getting to Arkhangelsk Oblast is convenient with direct flights from Moscow to Arkhangelsk. From there, one can hire a taxi or use public transportation to reach the major ski resorts.

Accommodation in the region varies from luxurious hotels to affordable guesthouses. Ski equipment is readily available for rent from various outlets, and there are numerous restaurants serving local and international cuisine.

Visiting Russia

Russia welcomes visitors from around the world, albeit with varying visa requirements. Some countries are exempt from visa requirements, while others need to procure it in advance.

The country's currency is the Russian Ruble (RUB). Both cash and cards are widely accepted here, and ATMs are readily accessible in urban areas. However, it's always a good idea to have some cash handy, especially in remote regions.

Russians are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Despite common misconceptions, Russia is a generally safe country for tourists. Standard rules of precaution apply, as in every other destination.

Regarding language, Russian is the native language, and while knowledge of English is spreading, it may not be as common in less urban settings. It's always beneficial to learn a few words and phrases in Russian when visiting the country.

Also, remember to pack a universal adapter, as Russian sockets are of type C and F, which differs from those used in several other countries.


Arkhangelsk Oblast is a hidden gem for winter sports lovers. Its offerings stretch beyond conventional winter sports, including Arkhangelsk Oblast guided tours and splitboarding. Staying prepared, informed, and taking precautions when required can guarantee an unforgettable experience in this remarkable Russian region.

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