Mount Azhdahak

Mount Azhdahak

Winter Wonderland: Sports at Mount Azhdahak

About Mount Azhdahak

Mount Azhdahak, located in the Geghama range, is one of the most scenic valleys that Armenia has to offer. At an impressive elevation of nearly 3,597 meters, its summit provides awe-inspiring panoramic views of beautiful frozen landscapes in the winter. Besides its attractiveness to experienced adults, even kids can take part in activities such as snowball fights, building snowmen, and gentle sledding. Additionally, with vigilant rescuers and guides on standby during winter sports, the safety of visitors is paramount.

Winter Sports at Mount Azhdahak

Backcountry Winter Sports

When the snow begins to fall, Mount Azhdahak transforms into a haven for winter sports. The region is noted for Backcountry Skiing and Backcountry Snowboarding, providing botha challenging and thrilling experiences for winter sports enthusiasts. Off-the-beaten-track activities, such as Off-Piste Skiing and Freeride Skiing, are popular, with guides available to lead these exciting excursions.

On-Piste Winter Sports

The more traditional styles of winter sport, such as Cross-Country Skiing and managed ski runs, are also plentiful.

Guided Tours

For those seeking a more structured ski experience, Guided Backcountry Tours, Guided Off-Piste Tours, Guided Freeride Tours, and Mount Azhdahak Ski Tours are on offer. With the expertise of the local guides, both novices and experts can safely enjoy the winter sports.

Best Time for Winter Sports

The best months for winter sports at Mount Azhdahak are from late December to early March. This is when the temperature ranges between 23°F to -31°F (-5°C to -35°C) with ample snowfall for thrilling winter activities.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

Getting There

From Zvartnots International Airport, the closest major airport to Mount Azhdahak, the journey is quite straightforward. A network of minibuses is available from Yerevan to nearby cities from where a taxi or a rented 4x4 vehicle can be hired to get to Mount Azhdahak. Alternatively, car hire providers offer a more direct route to the mountain.

Accommodation and Restaurants

There are a number of hotels and lodges nearby offering comfortable accommodation. Restaurants, specializing in a wonderful mix of Armenian and international cuisines, are plentiful. Resorts in the vicinity offer ski equipment for rental, eliminating the need for travelers to transport their own.

About Armenia

Visa and Currency

Armenia offers a visa-on-arrival for many countries, including EU member states, USA, and Canada. The national currency is the Armenian Dram, and while cards are accepted in larger cities, cash is more popular in rural areas.

People and Language

The people of Armenia are known for their warmth and hospitality. The country is generally safe, and English is widely spoken in urban areas. The primary language is Armenian.

Power Sockets

Armenia uses type C and F sockets. Visitors from countries with different standards may need an adapter.


Whether it's the thrilling Mount Azhdahak Backcountry Skiing or the more adventurous Mount Azhdahak Off-Piste Skiing and Freeride Skiing, a winter visit to Mount Azhdahak is guaranteed to be a memorable one. Enjoy the snow-covered landscapes while partaking in exhilarating Mount Azhdahak Guided Tours for safe and unforgettable winter sports adventures. Ready to face a unique winter sports challenge? Try Mount Azhdahak Cross-Country Skiing and Splitboarding for an unmatched experience.

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