Sölden: Austria's Winter Sports Paradise

About Sölden

Sölden is a charming Alpine village situated in the Ötztal Valley of Tyrol, Austria. Renowned for its winter sports, this popular tourist spot sits at an elevation of 1,368 meters above sea level and boasts two glacier ski areas.

Activities for Kids

Sölden is as enjoyable for kids as it is for adults. With playgrounds, outdoor games, tobogganing, ice skating, and a fun ski school, the region ensures an engaging winter vacation for the youngest visitors.

Rescue Services

Mountain rescue in Sölden is a well-organized service, ensuring skiers' safety with well-trained rescuers and well-equipped rescue stations.

Winter Season in Sölden

Winter season in Sölden begins in late October and lasts till May, offering nearly six months of excellent winter sports opportunities such as backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, and freeride skiing.

A Guide to Winter Sports

Whether you are keen on Sölden guided backcountry tours or Sölden guided freeride tours, Sölden's qualified guides ensure a safe and thrilling adventure. January and February are considered the best months for skiing and snowboarding due to consistent snow levels and relatively mild temperatures.

Weather in Sölden

Winter temperatures in Sölden typically range from -7 to 5 degrees Celsius (19 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit), ideal for winter activities.

Sölden Infrastructure

Reaching Sölden is straightforward, with Innsbruck Airport just an hour away by road. On site, there is a robust range of comfort facilities, including restaurants, bars, hotels and equipment rental outlets catering to every taste and budget.

Essential Information about Austria

If you're planning to enjoy the Sölden off-piste skiing experience, it's essential to understand Austrian's visa requirements, local currency, language, and culture.

Visa Information

Visa regulations for Austria vary by country. While European Union residents do not require a visa, nationals from other countries might need one. It is advisable to check the requirements before travel.

Currency and Payment Methods

The official currency is the Euro. Both cash and credit cards are widely accepted, with ATMs conveniently located.

Culture and Safety

Austria is a country of rich culture, with locals known as welcoming and hospitable. The safety level is high, making it an excellent destination for family vacations.

Language and Communication

While German is the official language, a sizable portion of the population speaks English, making communication relatively easy for English-speaking visitors.

Power Plug Types

Austria uses Type F power plugs. Visitors from countries using different plug types might need an adapter.


Sölden, with its diverse winter sports options including backcountry skiing and freeride skiing, is a perfect destination for both adrenaline seekers and families. Offering guided tours, kid-friendly activities, and a safe and welcoming environment, Sölden invites everyone to enjoy a picturesque Austrian winter.

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